Why should I compare different moving companies?

No matter if you are relocating on a tight budget or not, you shouldn’t simply rely on the first movers you come across. Oftentimes, there are significant differences concerning quality and skill set for moving companies

Movinga compares various moving helpers for you, carries out regular quality checks to ensure that everything runs smoothly and negotiates the best price for you. Together with our experienced partners, we have been successfully relocating and enabling our customers to get off to an uncomplicated start wherever they want to move. Whether you would like to begin your new life in the country or in the city, we have the right service for you. Our numerous satisfied customers and our innovative approach make Movinga a leader on the international moving market. Request your moving quote now and easily and look forward to an uncomplicated start in your new home.


Movinga offers you a comprehensive moving service. That means we relieve you of the tedious and time-consuming search for suitable moving companies in your area and accompany you through the entire booking process. After you have given us your relocation information, we will make you a free offer, assign a personal relocation counselor and find a moving company in your region for you. Upon request, additional services such as reserved parking in front of your house or the shipment of wrapping materials can be booked through us as well. You have special requests or concerns that are out of the ordinary? Just talk to us – your personal advisor will surely find a solution for you.


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